Data Acquisition Technologies

DCH data acquisition

Advanced digitization and approaches such as mass, crowdsourced and on-demand digitization. Methods for crowdsourcing content and allowing user-generated content for DCH in the cloud on cloud-computing for DCH, e.g. by leveraging popular photography. The use of UAVs and related technologies in capturing documentation. Automated metadata extraction and crowd. Realizing the potential of big data management and opportunities created by the vast volume, variety and velocity of mainly unstructured new data, generated every day most for finding and using previously inaccessible European digital content

Specific conditions and parameters

  • Holistic approach to what is technically possible (alongside what users need)
  • Smart, Intelligent, efficient, accurate, high quality data acquisition
  • Full digitization and documentation of all aspects of a monument, site, artifact, community, locality
  • Documenting intangible heritage requires a representation/performance + a recording or description – storytelling
  • Creation of Paradata