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Mnemosyne is a project for a single-stage Coordination and Support Action submitted under WIDESPREAD-03-2017 – ERA Chairs.

The ERA Chair Mnemosyne Project was founded and is based at the Digital Heritage Research Laboratory (DHRLab) at the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). The Laboratory has the key goal to advance the research area of Digital Cultural Heritage in Europe. Working together, they aim to create a Centre of Excellence and become a beacon in the Eastern Mediterranean and in general within Europe for its leadership of key initiatives in DCH research training and in policy co-ordination and support.

The Mnemosyne project under the leadership of the ERA Chair holder in Digital Cultural Heritage, has been designed to implement a high-quality three-phase research programme centred on the holistic documentation of the DCH lifecycle in support of existing and potential user needs.

This project will run over a 5-year period and critically engage with a series of complex case studies of both moveable and immovable heritage. The research topic “pipeline” under consideration includes:

  • DCH data acquisition,
  • DCH data processing,
  • DCH data modelling,
  • DCH knowledge management (interpretation),
  • DCH preservation,
  • DCH use and Re-use.

Within the framework of this project, a Centre of Excellence in Digital Cultural Heritage will be created. Communication activities have been strategically planned and refined from the outset of the work and will last throughout the project duration. This includes seminars, the development and implementation of an e-learning Master’s course in Cultural Informatics and the development of an inter-sectorial and multi-disciplinary network of collaborative associations with other research and academic institutions.

Our Directors

Kyriakos Efstathiou
Kyriakos EfstathiouERA Chair holder
Marinos Ioannides
Marinos IoannidesProject Coordinator – UNESCO Chair holder



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