Mnemosyne is a project for a single-stage Coordination and Support Action submitted under WIDESPREAD-03-2017-ERA Chairs. Context Cultural Heritage is a strategic resource for Europe with high cultural, social, environmental and economic value. The era of Digital Cultural Heritage (DCH) is now well underway and the European research resource for DCH has grown significantly in recent years.

Case Studies

The Antikythera Mechanism

One of the artefacts ranked among the Wonders of the Ancient World is the Antikythera Mechanism, the oldest extant complex geared device, also described as the first analogue computer….

The Castle of Paphos

Located at the port of Paphos, the castle has been declared an Ancient Monument in 1935 and a UNESCO World Heritage List monument in 1980. Its main function was to control the gateway of the port and provide defence. …

The Monastery of Chrysorrogiatissa

The Monastery of Chrysorogiatissa was founded by the monk Ignatios in 1152, during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Manuel Comnenus, following the discovery of the icon of the Virgin on the shores of Paphos, which according to tradition is one among the seventy known to have been painted by Apostle and Evangelist Luke. …

The Hermitage of Saint Neophytos

The Hermitage of Saint Neophytos is one of the most celebrated Byzantine twelfth-century monuments worldwide, given the high quality and the unique iconographic program of its frescoes, encountered nowhere else in the Byzantine world. …

The Coins with Hercules Melqart

The present case study which will deal with a small number of coins connected with Cyprus, will undoubtedly shed light on the island’s wealth and foreign connections and exchanges with its Near Eastern neighbours, during the sixth century BC. …

The Church of the Virgin Karmiotissa

The church of Panagia Karmiotissa is dedicated to the Mother of God the Merciful (Panagia Eleousa). It is located north of the area of Pano Polemidia, at the outskirts of the city of Limassol, Cyprus. …

The Horologion of Philippi: A portable Sundial (250-350 C.E)

A sundial is a device that indicates time by using a light spot or shadow cast, by the position of the Sun on a reference scale. Sundials have been invented independently in…

The Kanon of Pythagoras: A single-string Sonometer (7th B.C.)

A monochord, also known as single-stringed sonometer, is an ancient musical and scientific laboratory instrument, involving one (mono-) string (chord), upon which points may be delineated (signifying where the string must…

Frescoes of the Saint Euphemianos (Lysi)

The Church of Saint Euphemianos (Themonianos) is a small, single-room, domed church measuring 7.5 × 3.5 m located roughly 3 km southwest of the village of Lysi in the District of Ammochostos, Cyprus. …

Chalcolithic wine jars and zivania alembic of the Nicosia archaeological museum

Cyprus is famous for producing several traditional grape-related beverages, such as wine (especially, Commandaria) and zivania, as well as desserts, like palouzes and soutzoukos

Zoomorphic clay vases

The plain ware rhyta in the form of a he-goat dating to the Hellenistic period (310-30 B.C) belong to the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

The three limestone statuettes

The three limestone statuettes under study, dating from the 5th century B.C to the middle of the 4th, belong to the type known as temple-boys. They are part of the George and Nefeli Giabra Pieridis Collection of Cypriote antiquities which were donated at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation where they are currently in display.


The Glamers

Enhancing GLAMs through youth engagement during the COVID-19 crisis. …

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The project aims at reinforcing education in the field of the Humanities by adopting digital methods of research and education....

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VIGIE 2020/654

Study on Standards, Methodologies and Guidelines for 3D Digitisation of Cultural Heritage. …

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In CREAMS, we anticipate to educate and create awareness of various stakeholders in the Higher Education domain...

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Social Innovation and TEchnologies for sustainable growth through participative cultural TOURism. ...

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